Thoughtful Introspection and BlogDay 2005

Today was a weird day. First, Roger Abramson called me “overwrought” and then the thread was overrun by the Nashville chapter of the Ku Klux Klan, so I was unable to properly fight with him, for all the idiots screaming.

Then Bill Hobbs came after me and by the end of the day, I was wondering if there was some way I could send S-townMike and Chris Wage cookies.

The truth is that there are maybe fifty of you who regularly read me. Probably thirty five of you that check in every day. I get used to spouting off and throwing things out for discussion and I feel like we have good, complex discussions, even the ones that feel like LE and W. are just fighting over who’s got the better reason for calling me an idiot. I like it and feel lucky and honored that I have such thoughtful and knowledgeable posters, even when we disagree.

But every once in a while something catches the attention of a much larger fish and I get thrown a little off-kilter by that. It’s just weird. I write for myself first, for the audience I have in mind second (you fifty or so), and don’t often consider what the lurkers and folks who just stop by once might think, how they might not get the spirit of things.

It’s okay. I’m not going to start considering them, since they are usually for all practical purposes imaginary, but I guess I shouldn’t forget that they’re there.

Frog at the awesome Frogblog is recommending me to her readers in honor of BlogDay. In honor of her, here’s five I’m recommending to you.

Shug–Shug is one of my dearest friends on the planet. She’s also the type of person that can do just about anything from changing the tire on your car to painting your kitchen to making delicate roses out of icing. She’s new at this whole blog thing, so go swarm her blog and offer her advice on how to come out to people too stupid to realize why she’s always got a pretty girl on her arm.

Chris–I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve been reading Chris on Bloglines now for months and have never bothered to put him on the right. I will rectify that. He’s militantly compassionate and I really enjoy his blog and his comments on other blogs.

S-townMike–Last weekend, the Professor and I attempted to locate “Salemtown.” I’m not sure we found it. Again, another blog I read all the time but haven’t done right by on my own.

Ginger–She’s witty and concise. I will never, ever be able to say as much as she says in so few words. I blog machine gun style. She’s a sniper rifle.

Peg–Good god, she can cook. She’s funny as hell and she’s not afraid to tell you your shit stinks. Her Basta series is especially funny.


6 thoughts on “Thoughtful Introspection and BlogDay 2005

  1. Aw, shucks, B. You’re too kind. Or delusional, or whatever.

    And By God, I can cook! Recipes are coming this week, as my garden is overflowing with tomatoes. And I was planning a Basta! entry for tomorrow. Now it’ll have to be extra good.

    No pressure.

    P.S. And MY shit don’t stink, except when I forget to pay the electric bill.

  2. Wow.. “militantly compassionate” is probably the best compliment I’ve ever gotten.

    (Clarification for online medium: that’s not sarcasm)

  3. Aunt B., one of the reasons I have started reading you every day is for the thoughtful dialogue. You often make me smile, but always make me think. And hey, he used overwrought as an insult. I always think that one of the best parts about being a woman is that we think with our hearts, not just our heads.

  4. I feel your pain Aunt B. I’m pretty sure Bill Hobbs was using some of the things I said in his comments. I feel so used, but at least someone was paying attention.


  5. Thanks for your kind comments, Aunt B.

    To get to S-town, drive north on 5th past the Germantown Cafe, past Werthan. First street on the other side of Werthan is Hume, which is the southern border of Salemtown. The other Salemtown boundaries are: 3rd Ave. on the east, 8th Ave. on the west, and I-65 on the north.

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