America, I ask you for very little

But today, I really do need your help.

1. Is it better, if the weather it hot and humid, to dry out the carpet by opening up the house and running fans or shutting up the house and turning on the air and running fans?

I’m of the opinion that it’s better to run the air because air conditioned placed tend not to be humid and so air conditioners must help with stuffiness, right?

2. The smell. Please. It smells musty and unfortunate. Will anything help? Will it ever go away?

Please advise, America.


Aunt B.


7 thoughts on “America, I ask you for very little

  1. Well, if the air temp is high outside (with relatively low/moderate humidity), I’d leave the windows open all day, then run the A/C at night to remove the excess (!!) humidity from the air.

    With the fans on non-stop, of course.

    Sorry ’bout yer flood. Be on the lookout for mold. It usually shows up lurking in dar places, wearing a trenchcoat and faux moustache.

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  2. Run the air. Air conditioning functions by taking the moisture out of the air and recirculating it. But if the humidity drops, you can let the downstairs breathe. You will end up with mold growth if the source of moisture is not stopped. Run fans on any areas that are damp.

    I guess the ‘progressives’ didn’t school you on that, either.

  3. The Butcher’s a bigger commie than me and he seems to have handled the situation just fine, so Sarcastro, I’m afraid you’re wrong.

    Anyway, I take care of wiring; the recalcitrant brother is the plumber. Rather than relying solely on ourselves to provide everything for each of us, we pool our resources and each of us benefits from the knowledge and life experiences of the other.

    Extrapolating that to Tiny Cat Pants, I knew that, sooner or later, some old man who knew a thing or two about soggy carpet would come along and school me.

    Chris, good idea. I’m going to try some pet oder crap we have and see if that helps.

  4. When I had this very issue (albiet in winter, sometimes hot dry furnace air is a blessing!) I constantly ran the steam cleaner on suction to get the moisture out of the carpet. This helped immensely. And after, I could use it to get the carpet clean of the evil smell!

    If you want to borrow it, a covert carpet cleaning operation could probably be arranged….

    as always, Mystery Girl

  5. Not sure about the air/open window thing, but…

    My brother had a serious and nasty carpet flooding incident. Once the carpet was dry enough he scattered coffee grounds over the carpet, left it for a while and then vacuumed it. Got rid of the sewage-y mouldy smell, apparently.

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