Vinny Testaverde

I’m delighted to see Vinny Testaverde back in the news. God, I love him. Not because he’s a great quarterback. I have no idea if he is or not. I don’t give a shit about football. No, I love him because, inevitably, a football question will come up in Trivial Pursuit and at least a third of the time, “Vinny Testaverde” is the answer.

I always answer “Vinny Testaverde” to football questions I don’t know. One out of three times, I look like a genius, like I have some obscure knowledge of the New York Jets, or the Browns, or the Buccaneers, or even the Cowboys.

Plus, Vinny Testaverde does not look like Sloth, from The Goonies, unlike some old Cowboys quarterbacks I could name.

What’s not to love?


3 thoughts on “Vinny Testaverde

  1. I find that other good all-purpose TP answers are:

    Arthur Ashe

    At least in the original Genus edition.

  2. Vinnie Testaverde, or Vinnie Interceptaverde, as I like to refer to him, should be known as the star of any future “Teen Wolf” movies. Like “Teen Wolf, Twenty Year Reunion”, or “Teen Wolf Goes To The Playoffs”, or “Return Of The Teen Wolf”, or “The Teen Wolf Refuses To Retire” , or…well, you get the idea, this could go on forever.

  3. I was just thinking: Also, he’s kinda hot.

    Or at least he used to be.

    Or maybe that was some other Eye-talian named football guy I’m thinking of.

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