I Heart Miers

Old Sully (can I call him Sully? I feel like I can call him Sully. He can call me Belly, if he wants. It’s all cool.) posts some choice quotes from RedState.org.

I crib them from him:

Roe (or any other social issue) is simply not on his front burner. I’ve feared this, and now I’m convinced it’s true. In fact, I think he and Rove are intentionally not placing anti-Roe votes on the Court. Roe stands, both Miers and Roberts uphold it (although upholding restrictions) and it becomes clear we have a 7-2 Supreme Court in favor of Roe.


The post below should not get lost, that her name was on a list of acceptables supplied by the Democrats. Bush is a gutless, abortionist liar. I spit on him. Seriously.


I cannot believe that I ever trusted this man. I am such a fool. I cannot believe that I have been so foolish as to look past the open borders, the excessive spending, the support of moderate Senators over Conservatives, the nation building in Iraq, the twisted bankruptcy “reform,” etc.


could have picked a real conservative. instead, he picks a 60-year-old woman who’s never been married and has never had kids. are we really to believe that she’ll vote to overturn roe? are we to believe that this woman hasn’t had sex outside of marriage over the past several decades? and if she has, hasn’t she been counting on the right to abortion just as other career-oriented women do? bush has betrayed us. i will never again contribute to the republican party.

Then Sully chimes in:

As for Roe, it seems obvious to me why Bush-Rove don’t want to over-rule it. The last thing they want is to remove that issue from their arsenal of campaign weaponry. Roe has long been the right’s best friend in electoral politics. Why would they give it up now? You don’t think that people like Rove are actually sincere about abortion, do you?

Shh. Listen, America. Do you hear that? That’s the sound of me laughing long and hard. Yes, spite is the last bastion of losers. I don’t give a shit. I laugh at you and your “beloved” idiot, who you voted into office and who has now finally stabbed you right in the back enough that you notice.

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

My Weekend with My Man

So, yes, in retrospect, it was probably not wise to start freaking out about possible killer hobos three days before the Professor comes over to dog sit while I’m out having an exciting weekend of eating and dancing and sleeping in the same room as my favorite man on the planet.

Don’t worry, Professor, I’m positive it was just a raccoon.

So, no, I’m still not thrilled about leaving the dog at home while we’re at this wedding, but the Redheaded Kid is going to come over during the day and check in on her and the Professor is going to spend the night with her.

She will not have to go anywhere strange or be locked in cars for long periods of time, and, though I wish she could come with us, this is the better way.

Anyway, I found these photos of my favorite man on the planet and thought I’d share. We may be one fucked-up family, but damn we have some good looking kids.

Here’s my nephew playing guitar and piano. I think, judging from the look on his face, that he must be singing as well. Those are my dad’s hands on the piano with him. As JR can attest, my dad’s piano playing is best summed up by those immortal words “three chords and the truth.” Or maybe just two chords… But definitely the truth.

Just a Little Freaked Out

Yeah, so the Butcher’s in Illinois as is the Professor, so I’m fresh out of people who have to indulge my freaked-out-ness. So, it’s you, America, that have to put up with me until I calm down.

We just went outside, Mrs. Wigglebottom and I, and I think there was someone out there, up the hill. The shadows were not right and there was some weird noise, like I don’t know what, and the dog wouldn’t pee, but instead just stood by the mailboxes and looked up the hill, with her tail straight out behind her.

Now, we’re back in the house, locked up tightly, but the dog is right by my feet, growling.

Seriously, why the fuck isn’t there some service you can call where big, strong, intimidating men come over, look around, make sure there aren’t any killer hobos in your back yard, sit on the couch until they hear you snoring upstairs, and then leave you to your sleep, assured there’s nothing out there in the dark, waiting to see who’s all alone?

I know it’s not anything, but fucking-a, I am spooked.

Edited to add: It’s something. I heard someone going through the garbage cans a second ago and then my neighbors went outside and now it’s quiet. Still, I think the intimidating men who indulge overactive imaginations is a money-making idea. I’m ready to hand over cash right now to someone who’ll just sit on the couch with a gun.

Edited again to add: I’m pretty sure it’s just some animal. That would explain the accompanying weird noises. I’m going to go with the animal theory, because I have to go to bed soon, and I don’t have time to start my intimidating man business tonight before that.