Why Old Sinners Suck

God, it’s good to have Sharon Cobb back. Today, Sharon reminds us that Madonna is a sanctimonious hypocrite.

There’s a kind of long-standing joke among ministers that there’s no Christian like a recent convert. Miss Madonna would seem to prove that there’s no saint like a reformed sinner. Now that she’s done having her fun, the rest of us had better shape up or go to hell.


14 thoughts on “Why Old Sinners Suck

  1. Oh Lord. Bad Idea. Do not get me started on Madonna, her sacreligious “religion” that perverts a teaching thousands of years old, and her phony-ass British accent. And her stupid, poorly-written children’s books.

    I have had it up to my eyeballs with her and her sanctimonious behaviour.

  2. And yet, there I was….all sanctimonious about her religion. funny.

    Oh well. Sorry for that, anyway.

  3. That’s OK, Kathrine!

    It’s sanctimonious day! Didn’t you know?

    I celebrated by going off on TV shows like ‘LOST’ over on your blog.

    BTW… I’ll turn my nose up at Madonna too.

    I’d love to see her and Tom Cruise in a real live version of ‘Celebrity Death Match’. Now that’s some good television.

  4. Some generations get T.S. Eliot pretending to be British when he’s from the midwest.

    Sadly, we get Madonna. She’s got all of Eliot’s sanctimony and faux-accent without any of his talent.

    I love the idea of a Madonna/Tom Cruise death match. That would be awesome.

  5. Quick apology:


    Sorry for misspelling your name. I have no excuse but incompetence.


  6. Huck, seriously, don’t be coming over here offering up apologies with no good excuses. Be drunk or on drugs or typing while masturbating or something. Good lord.

  7. There’s a song they play all of the time on Lightning 100 by the band ‘Jump’.

    I can’t listen to it, without it inducing a 30 min grand mal seizure. Why? Because the lead singer sings with a tortured Brittish affect.

    The sad thing is, I know he isn’t Brittish, because Lightning 100 will from time to time air a comercial with the members of the band hamming it up in a plug for the station. Nobody in the spot sounds Brittish. They all try to sound edgy and strange, but none of ’em sound Brittish.

    Why? Why? Why!?!

    Ough, urlg… Here I go again…

    …anybody got a belt…

  8. No, you can apologize, you just have to be participating in some totally work-inappropriate activity while doing it.

    There’s a band called “Jump”? Is this the same band as Jump Little Children?

  9. “Running and making bread.” I don’t know why, but that makes me want to kick him in the shin.

    There’s just something about a thrity-five year old man pretending to be british and making bread that infuriates me.

  10. Amen.

    If anyone deserves a wedgie more, it’s a wanna-be British bread maker. …the bloody pretentious git.

  11. Oh, leave Madonna alone! From what I gather, that one book of hers featured a rich, beautiful, misunderstood English girl. What would she know about that, though?

    But beautiful, rich girls need love, too, damn it!

  12. I’m just looking forward to the fireworks when her lovely little daughter Lola turns 14 or 15 and starts pulling some of the crap Mumsy did. There was an AP brief in our paper Monday that had her boasting about never letting her children watch TV or read magazines. And making them wear the same clothes to school every day until they pick up their rooms.

    Yeaaaah, that’ll work.

    Once a posturing publicity-mad ninny, always a posturing publicity-mad ninny.


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