Music, Conversation, and Me in Heels

America, everyone else puts up cool shit to do on their blogs and encourages you to come on out. Not me, of course.

That is, until today.

Today, I have something to invite you to.

On Thursday, November 3, at 5 p.m. in the Appleton Room in Jubilee Hall over at Fisk University, there’s going to be a lovely reception for my friends Bruce and Robert, in honor of the kick-ass book they co-edited: Lost Delta Found: Rediscovering the Fisk University-Library of Congress Coahoma County Study, 1941-1942.

Now, I’ll be honest, if you’re not a big nerd, book parties are usually pretty dull affairs–hence the reason they have to bribe you with liquor and baby carrots. Some bigwig says something. Some other bigwig says something. Some other folks say something. Everyone claps and then you eat and get your book signed.

But this is going to be different. First off, Bruce and Robert are going to speak, and they’re a lot more fun than most academic authors. Plus, the Fisk Jubilee Singers will be performing and there will probably some awesome country blues.

And I will be wearing heels, which I do twice a year, maybe. So that should be interesting.

Anyway, it’s good music and it’s free and it’s a great chance to ask Robert about Muddy Waters, a man on whom he’s something of an expert and to quiz Bruce on his vast song knowledge.

So, blues fans, Nashville music fans, and fans of academic intrigue and ridiculousness, come on out.

Just don’t tell my boss who invited you. Though Elias claims I’m the least anonymous anonymous person ever, we have to keep up the pretense.


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  1. Cigar Store Indians at the Exit/In on Tuesday Oct. 25th sound like more fun.

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