Three Cheers for Days with Cars

Yes, so not only did I sleep well, but I took the dog to the park, which was nice because Mrs. Wigglebottom and I need our bonding time. She ate some poop. I said, “Can’t you behave for three seconds without me having to watch you?” And she said “Behaving is against my religion.” To which I said, “I believe it.” And then I said, “Possibly, I anthropomorphize you too much.” And she said, “Yes, probably.”

Then, I took the Butcher to work and we fought the whole way about which was the best 90s band. I said Nirvana, of course, and he said that they were obviously the most influential with the most kick ass songs but did that make them the best? And I was like, Dude, what’s you’re definition of best? But it was too late to find out, because we were there.

Then, I rushed home, threw off all my clothes, hopped in the shower, hopped out, threw on different clothes and rushed out the door and headed down to Smyrna for the Rutherford County Blogger doohickey. I even wore a skirt in case Kleinheider was there. Ivy says I have “some AWESOME hair, and of course, great tits,” so your loss, Kleinheider.

The Rutherford County bloggers were hilariously awesome. Michelle even showed me how to kick someone in the face, which was pretty damn impressive.

Then I drove all over the countryside because I haven’t driven my car anywhere in days and I listened to the radio and the awesome CD Brittney made me and the Man from GM called and I teased him about GM’s problems and he got a little mad, but not as mad as he got when I called the lake he lives on “a puddle.” And then I sang him some Tom Petty and he claimed he had another call, but we both know he didn’t. Ah, well, his loss.

And then I went to Jack in the Box because I thought I was hungry but I totally just came home and fed half of it to the dog, who is now letting stinky farts and trying to get me to take her outside.

And, you know, I’ve just reread this and realized, obviously, I never drink coffee, because, when I do, well, this is what I’m like.

So, thanks Rutherford County Bloggers. And thanks Chrysler. What a nice day I had.


5 thoughts on “Three Cheers for Days with Cars

  1. I was very glad to see you. Although I was late, and had to leave early, I know you were there, and it wasn’t my imagination. :) Thanks again for spending part of your day in the wonderful town of Smyrna. BTW, I loved your outfit! It felt so soft and warm. You are hilarious. Even at the video 101 class you and Tim Morgan had me rolling!

  2. As I got to the end I was thinking, “coffee?” Yup. Sounds like a really great day .

  3. I don’t know how you can over-anthropomorphize a cat.

    That would be like over-sugaring pizza, wouldn’t it?

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