Of Course, It’s Funny When He’s Picking on the Butcher

I wish y’all could see my dad first thing in the morning, when he’s all energized and in top form and all the rest of us can do is just watch in awe.

He’s been up two hours and he’s already had breakfast, taken the dog for a walk, taken a shower, complained about the lack of paper towels, lightbulbs, and washcloths, and zinged the Butcher with this gem:

The Butcher: You guys are so loud it’s like Christmas morning.

The Reverend: Well, a man who comes in at four in the morning ought to be able to sleep through anything.

The Butcher: Not with as loud as you are.

The Reverend: A man who wants to keep college hours ought to get his ass in college. Do you want to be a butcher forever?

The Butcher: No. I’ll get another job.

The Reverend: Oh, that’s right. I forgot all the great jobs available to men with high school diplomas. Never mind. Carry on.