Everyone is Sick

I’m sick. The Butcher’s sick. Sarcastro claims to be sick. The orange cat is dripping something clear out of the top of his tail. My Aunt B. is sick. One of my co-workers is sick. The tiny cat has no ass hair.

On another note, my dad bought me tiny cat earrings in honor of Tiny Cat Pants.

How nice is that?

3 thoughts on “Everyone is Sick

  1. Pretty damned nice.
    Everyone is sick here too in big Martin, Tenn. Population unknown because the census might change from the terrible sickness sweeping all of Tennessee.
    It’s starting to turn into a landscape of something like The Stand.
    Very Captain Trips.

  2. Egads, you’ve been sick a long time.
    But if anything will make you feel better, it’s got to be tiny cat earrings.

  3. I pray for Captain Trips to arrive.

    The qualifier that I “claimed” to be sick was a nice touch.

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