One Bright Spot in this Cold

My plans for the day are as follows:

1. Not dying.
2. Not going to work. Again.
3. Actively getting better, damn it.
4. Sleep.
5. Work on my own manly afghan, which is already not manly in color, but still manly in design.

I am pissed off. I feel so much better than I did a week ago, but I just cannot shake this cold and I sit at work and fall asleep at my desk. I feel like, if I could just get enough sleep, I would feel better, but folks, I’m writing this after eleven hours of sleep. I just can’t sleep any more. I’m not tired.

There has been one small victory with this cold, which I will now share with you. I have never been this sick for this long without it developing into pneumonia. Never. I’ve had pneumonia six times. I have the lungs of a 50 year old life-long smoker. If I get something in my sinuses, it usually takes a quick run into my lungs where it settles in and tries to drown me*.

But this time? If I could unclog my nose, I could breathe. The lungs are clear.

Which, I believe, leads me to a disturbing realization. Though walking the dog every morning (except recently, obviously) and taking her to the park at least once a weekend for a longer walk and eating more fruits and vegetables has not resulted in any less of a soft and cuddly Aunt B., by god, I think I’m healthier.

How else to explain how this malingering illness has remained so relatively benign?

Still, if I’m not better by Monday, I’m going to break down and go to the doctor.

*How I suspect I will actually die, drowning in my own snot, if high places don’t kill me first.

7 thoughts on “One Bright Spot in this Cold

  1. I’m just now getting over the same thing. It started on Christmas Eve. I went to the doctor twice. They told me it’s viral and I just have to wait it out. They were able to give me a prescription decongestant and some codeine cough syrup that at least help a little bit though. My cold started in my head and then moved down to my chest after about a week and a half, so you may not be out of the woods yet. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. How ya doing on those goals??

    Another manly afghan?!? I’m dissapointed. I thought I’d have the only manly one.


  3. B,

    Long time no see. I’ve been staying away from blogs for a while, trying to get some work done. It turns out that I don’t actually accomplish any more if I don’t read blogs every day. I simply find something else other than work to fill in that time.

    I used to be sickly all the time myself, but somewhere along the line, I started eating better and exercising more, and voila! It turns out colds aren’t nearly as common as I thought they were.

    That said, remember when Granny had the cure for common cold on Beverly Hillbillies. It was basically her home-made whiskey, and she suggested you drink it several times a day, and in a week to ten days, you’ll be back to normal. Try that on for size.

  4. Steve, I figured you must have been gone, since you didn’t say anything about the New Year’s Resolution I made for you. Glad to see you back.

    Brittney, I could use some tea or a big cafe mocha. I should train my dog to run down to Starbucks and bring me back something warm to drink.

    W., I’m actually doing pretty good on my goals. So that’s good, I think.

  5. Steve may have a point. Go for the Hot Toddy.

    1 part lemon juice
    1 part honey
    2 parts bourbon

    Heat in microwave for 45 seconds

    It helps, especially if you don’t have to be at work.

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