More Brilliance from Other Places

I just want to say that it gets harder and harder to remain a big government liberal* when the big government is doing dumb-ass stuff like making it illegal for me to annoy people anonymously on the internet.

The guys over at Say Uncle are all over this, first the Uncle himself, and then #9.

I’ll leave the astute insightful comments to those guys. I’ll just say that this is the stupidest thing I’ve heard of all day. What is the internet for if not annoying people anonymously?

*So help me, Boy Scout, if you say one thing about me turning libertarian, I will kick you in the elbow.


So, I’m going through my email which is, basically, two weeks worth of backlog and there’s an email from my dear Shug:

Just wanted to see if it was still ok to come next weekend….. Also, if it is, would it be easier if I stayed in a hotel?

Next weekend? Holy shit. Which next weekend? This one that starts on Friday? Or the next one?*

I hope the Butcher is cleaning today and not sitting around playing video games. That’s all I’m saying.

And screw the hotel. We’ll use that money for booze (and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies)!


Okay, I just got an email from her and it is this coming weekend. Hurray! Shug is one of my oldest friends. I’ve known her half my life. I can’t wait to see her. And introduce her to the joy that is Bailey’s and vodka.

*Usually, I would say that “this weekend” means the one starting on the coming Friday and “next weekend” is the one after that, but I’m not sure when her email came and I know she wasn’t at my place this weekend.

But I want to be the most brilliant person in the universe!

I’m feeling tremendously better, though not so much better that I’m quite ready to go to work. Still, I don’t feel justified in taking another day off. So, like the dwarves, it’s off to work I go.

I even walked the dog this morning, which was so nice, as it smelled wonderful out and the early dawn was calm and beautiful.

Still, I came here hoping to have something stunning to say and what can I say that competes with the community college Dean who says the following?

When the ‘goes without saying’ stuff gets challenged, people are often dumbstruck. It hasn’t occurred to them that challenges were realistically possible, so they haven’t bothered thinking through arguments. I think that much of the vitriol in our politics comes from different conceptions of what goes without saying. Take health care. To a conservative, it’s simply obvious that the ‘moral hazard’ of insurance raises costs, since it insulates consumers from the true cost of what they’re buying. Therefore, if you want to reduce health care costs, you have to make people more sensitive to those costs by making them pay more. Besides, it goes without saying that the government screws everything up, anyway. To a liberal, it’s obvious beyond argument that the American system covers fewer people (by percentage), at higher cost, than any other system in the world; any theory that fails to acknowledge that simple fact of life is not to be taken seriously. Besides, it goes without saying that the market is based on voluntary exchange, and nobody volunteers to get sick. Therefore, the market model is inapplicable, and anyone who says different is either heartless or a moron.

The whole thing is more about academic politics, but I think this broader insight is brilliant and important.