Bring It On!

[The littlest nephew always says this when he’s looking to wrestle. He clenches his small square fists and growls it out in his cute Southern way and I cannot resist saying it back to him, at which point, he usually hits me right in the arm, hard. Which is not very nice, but what can you do? I did say “Bring it on” and he brought it. I have to stop picking fights with people; I am so wimpy.]

I’m totally digging on the Nashville Knucklehead, whose name could only be better if he’d called himself the Knashville Knucklehead. But what can you do?

Anyway, he’s great in that cantankerous old coot way that I love. Go check him out.

4 thoughts on “Bring It On!

  1. Oh, sure. Pick a real word. I guess that’s its own kind of funny. But Knashville Knucklehead has a double layer of alliteration! How is that not comedy gold?

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