, I’ll be yours for $50,000 a year

I’m reading this article over at Marketwatch about what an awesome job Rebecca Traister has at And it must be true, because I’m pretty sure I saw her on one of those VH1 “Let us interpret popular culture” shows. Anyone who’s anyone gets on those shows. Shoot, I saw Zakk Wylde* on one of those the other day. So, it’s fair to say that Rebecca Traister has some cultural cache.

Doing what?

Her beat is, according to the article, “gender politics.”

Oddly enough, as the article explains, she writes about women. This is perplexing. Do only women have gender?

Last night W. sent me a joke via email** that goes like this: “I read recently that women still make 30% less than men in the workplace. Which I think is fine, cause if we didn’t make 30% more, you guys would marry each other.”

I thought this was funny, but I also sent him back a list of all the reasons straight men don’t have to worry about straight women rushing into each other’s arms. I think they were some darn good reasons–mostly having to do with the joys of scruffy faces, how your smell lingers, and how much fun (even when frustrating) your inscrutable natures are.

But the two things got me thinking. There are lots of genders, at least three sexes, why does Traister get the whole “gender politics” beat. She is but one women., lighten her work-load. Give me the men. I’ll start with Zakk Wylde and work my way from there.

*Okay, I’m going to just go ahead and admit that in my fantasy life, where I’m a daring, well-armed, intricately-tattooed bad-ass who makes her own moonshine and regularly sits on her porch watching half-naked men fight each other for the privilege of fucking her, Zakk Wylde is so my man.
**Y’all may always send me jokes via email. And naked pictures of yourselves. Not that either of these things often happen. I’ve gotten one joke–from W–and one naked picture–from the Wayward Boy Scout. But I continue to hold out hope.

8 thoughts on “, I’ll be yours for $50,000 a year

  1. yes, only women have gender. also, only people who aren’t white have race.

    (this makes me very cranky.)

  2. Peg, he has to have two K’s so you know how hard he RAWKKS!!!!

    But I’m delighted to hear that you can take a man with braids in his beard seriously as long as he spells his name normally.

    Tee hee.

  3. W., The picture was of him. But before this gets blown too far out of proportion, I should say that you can only see part of his face. It’s funny, though. You’d think a guy who had no shame about wearing his hair like this would have no shame about standing naked before an appreciative audience, but y’all are funny that way.

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