Sex With Someone You Love

Are there things that are off-limits here at Tiny Cat Pants? I guess we’re about to find out.

Because I’d like to touch briefly on female masturbation. Ha, I said “touch briefly.”

Okay, now that that’s out of my system…

I was thinking of how Elias used to have this ‘zine and he asked me to write an article for it and so I wrote this hilarious expose about my experimentations in masturbation. Basically, I got on the internet, found some site offering tips on female masturbation, tried them out, and rated them for his readers.

I wouldn’t bring it up except that I almost died, twice, during the same session while doing the research for said article.

If you’re a woman, you’ve certainly heard of the bathtub method, where you lay down in your bathtub, throw your legs up at a 90 degree angle and scoot way down so that you’re aligned with the faucet, and you let the water flow over your cooter until you orgasm.

If any of you have tried this, you already know the first way I almost died. If you are scooted up so that your cooter is aligned with your faucet, chances are your butt is over the drain, and the bathtub is filling up with water. And, while the sensation of water flowing over your cooter is pleasant, it ended up being a race to see if I’d finish up before the water covered my face.

I lost. That was bad enough. But then I went to sit up and, apparently, my back had made some kind of seal on the tub bottom so that when I sat up, it made this enormous farty groany noise which caused me to start laughing and I hit my head on the side of the tub so hard I thought I would pass out and end up drowning again.

Luckily, I lived.

But my larger point is that girls get a lot of fucked up messages about sex, which causes us to be very fucked up about sex, which is too bad, because it’s fun, but if we’re fucked up, chances are it’s not very fun for the people we’re fucking.

I can recall masturbating as a little girl. I didn’t know that’s what I was doing, because no one in my family ever talked about sex with me, except my grandma, who had an elaborate theory about how the Pope was trying to convert all her grand-daughters to Catholicism, because “Protestant girls have needs and Catholic boys know this and they will bring you right up to the point where you will have to have sex or die and they’ll hop out of the car and refuse to get back in unless you promise to marry them and become Catholic.*”

There was a point where you’d have to have sex or die? And Catholic boys knew how to get you to it? Bring on the Catholic boys!

Anyway, my point being that I was masturbating, but didn’t know what it was (My favorite fantasy? That I was naked and encased in dried mud. No, I don’t understand it either.). Then, I figured out that I was playing with myself and that it was wrong and made me bad and so I stopped.

I got older and wanted to start up again, but I still felt like it was wrong. Then, I read an interview with Sharon Stone, talking about that scene in Sliver where she masturbates in the bathtub (though, wisely, not using the aforementioned method). And she went on at some length about how she cried afterwards and how all of the women on set were also crying because there’s just something so sad about women masturbating**. And so then I was like, well, I don’t want to be one of those sad women who masturbate.

Luckily, I had this kick-ass feminist professor in college who was all the time talking about how she had to masturbate during commencement just to be able to not die of boredom.

“You masturbate?” I asked. I’m embarrassed to tell you what I said next, but for you, I will. “But you have a husband!”



“B., how the fuck is he supposed to know what I like if I don’t know what I like? Plus, sometimes you’ve got to have a little something to get you through a boring-ass day.”

This was like some kind of revelation from the gods. Masturbation was fun and recreational and something one did in addition to propping herself up on the sink the the bathroom of a certain frat house while some dude whose name she can’t even remember now*** told her he loved her until she asked him to stop because it was creeping her out. Ugh, what the fuck?

Anyway, where was I?

Yes, masturbation. More importantly women getting in touch with themselves.

It comes to my attention that there is a portion of the female population who trade sexual favors for chores. Who does this? It’s like me saying “I’m not going to go for ice cream with you unless you take out the garbage.” Why would I risk missing out on ice cream?

Do these women not like sex?

Let’s use a metaphor the boys will understand: you don’t just learn how to catch the ball once summer when you’re fifteen and then make a career of playing baseball. You have to continue to practice the fundamentals, even between games if you want to enjoy playing.

So, it seems to me that these women who use sex as a means to manipulate their partners instead of enjoying it for its own sake might benefit from some alone time.

*In all fairness to my grandma, I should point out that these Papist conspiracy theories didn’t start until after she’d had a few strokes.
** I looked for this article and could not find it. So, I could be misremembering.
*** Are there children reading this blog? If so, I say, respect yourself to wait for someone whose name you’ll remember.

To Answer Your Question

One odd thing about meeting y’all is that some of you seem to be unclear about how much of this is bullshit and how much of it is true. The most common question I get is “So, are you really an aunt?”

For all ye of little faith, here’s the boys.

Can’t I Get a copy of "Libertarianism: A Little More than the Primer"?

So, I’m trying to read Libertarianism: A Primer. It’s not going so well. I can only read until I get irate, which means I’m covering about ten paragraphs at a time.

I’ve scoffed repeatedly, but so far only had to throw the book down in disgust twice–the first being when the author claimed that people have always had property rights and the second being when he claimed that student loans were a symptom of evil government.

His ability to simplify everything the government does as “evil” is annoying the piss out of me. Surely there’s a more nuanced argument to be made for libertarianism. Maybe he’ll get to it. We’ll see.

But I’m intrigued by his choice to use “man” and “he” and “his” throughout the book. The author says right up front that he’s going to do it, use male pronouns to stand for everyone.

And at first I was like “Okay, this is annoying, but I’ll stick with it.”

But on my walk with Mrs. Wigglebottom this morning, I got to thinking about a discussion I had with Sarcastro (which is here someplace at Tiny Cat Pants, but I can’t even begin to find it) about how I said I’m not going to go around spelling it “womyn” because I refuse to concede more ground to this ridiculous notion that “man” means male folks, when really, it’s always been a word that refers to all folks and it’s only the anxiety of the weapon-men about their “weapons” that led them to try to coopt the generic for everyone as referring solely to them.

And then Sarcastro made some crack about how “woman” means basically the trading-men and, oh, ha, ha, I wonder what they had to trade?

Which would be more annoying if it wasn’t true. We have been trading sexual access to our bodies for security for ourselves and our offspring since the rise of property rights.

And we’ve been at the mercy of a free sexual market for all that time.

How’s that worked out for us?

So, you see my suspicion, that if one wants to talk about what successful libertarianism looks like, it’s best that one makes sure to gloss over the ongoing less successful version.

But I was watching a little CNN Headline News last night and caught an interview with the author of Self-Made Man which is about a woman who passes as a man for some length of time in order to find out about the secret lives of men.

One interesting thing she said in the interview was how her experience made her realize just how much power women have over men and that she’s come to respect women less after having to deal with us like men do.

This has actually been something that’s come up repeatedly here–that women have all this power over men, with the implication being how can we bitch about the patriarchy and the ways the system sucks for us when we clearly have the best end of the bargain?

And I haven’t really addressed it because 1. I’m not sure I even begin to understand how men feel powerless in the face of women; 2. “Patriarchy” is not so easily about all men lording over all women, it’s a name for a system of gender relations under which we all suffer. Pointing out my problems doesn’t negate yours; and 3. I think I’m starting to believe that the real work of damaging women is done by other women so that it’s almost invisible to men. It’s done under the guise of being beneficial to men and it does benefit men, but they rarely have to see it.

God. What does any of this have to do with libertarianism?

I don’t know. Maybe nothing. We’ll see.

Blogging by Candle Light

Our power just went out again, for the third time today and it’s pretty damn dark down here at the dead end when there aren’t any lights.

I should have just sat here patiently, but instead I thought I’d walk around banging my shin on things and stepping on the dog.

I now have a candle lit, just in case we go dark one more time before I go to bed.

Oddly enough, the first thing I noticed was that something in our living room smells bad.

Ha, yes, come and visit us, down in the part of town where things smell bad and the power goes out for no discernible reason.