Why Hippies Hate Meetings

I put on eyeliner and the good bra. I got there at 11:20, looked down, realized all I can see is the tits. Lifted them out of the way and saw I had something on my shirt. Went to the bathroom and got as much as I could off.

Came back out. Nobody.

11:30–I see the Professor walking by. I call her and harass her. “I can’t see you,” she says. I feel like a stalker, a very lame stalker.

11:40–I call the person I’m supposed to meet with.

Yep, the meeting is at 12:15.

And that, my friends, is an hour of my life I’ll never get back.

4 thoughts on “Why Hippies Hate Meetings

  1. I didn’t find it lame – I found it rather disturbing. And, considering the height you had on me, I fear that you are secretly finished with those gun lessons and have become a sniper taking aim at 21st Ave passers-by.

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