Revisiting Elvis Costello

Some of you will be glad to know that, not only did Sarcastro give me an Elvis Costello CD so that I can be properly educated, he also gave me a CD player upon which to play it.

It was a very nice gift.

At least, I assume it’s a gift. It may be a consolation prize of some sort: “Sorry you’re too stupid to understand libertarianism, but here’s a CD player” or “It’s too bad you don’t have your own vehicle to drive back and forth to work, but here’s something for you to listen to music on for those days when you don’t have your car. Oh, wait, isn’t that every day?”

But I’m going to assume it’s some kind of nice gesture.

2 thoughts on “Revisiting Elvis Costello

  1. Let me know if you’d like to explore any of his other work. Trust and Imperial Bedroom are my personal favorites, although I also like Blood and Chocolate.

  2. Just for fun, here’s my list of the best Elvis Costello albums:

    All This Useless Beauty
    King of America
    Imperial Bedroom
    Get Happy
    This Year’s Model
    The Delivery Man
    Armed Forces
    Blood and Chocolate
    My Aim Is True
    Brutal Youth
    When I Was Cruel
    Punch the Clock
    The Juliet Letters
    Mighty Like a Rose
    Kojak Variety
    Painted From Memory
    Almost Blue
    Goodbye Cruel World

    After you finish with those, I’ll tell you about the live recordings (including bootlegs), the odd soundtracks and assorted classical things, the three different CD versions of most of these titles, the guest appearances on other people’s records, and the versions of Costello songs recorded by other artists, many of which are the only versions in existence.

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