There is No Hope for the Patio Burger’s Return

The rumor’s flying around the office that Granite Falls is closed.

Which means we will never see the likes of the Patio Burger again.

Encrusted in black pepper, topped with onions, baby spinach, and sour cream, the Patio Burger was the burger of my dreams.


8 thoughts on “There is No Hope for the Patio Burger’s Return

  1. Do Not Tell Me This!!!!!!
    Lie to me, tell me Granite Falls will be there until the end of time.
    Dammit, I miss living in Nashville.

  2. Granite Falls was the first place I took my future wife on a date. No, check that, it’s the second. First date was lunch at Green Hills Grill, may it ever prosper. Second date was Granite Falls. I think. It might have been the third. Crap, my memory is failing and I’m only 41 and I’ve only been married 5 years.

  3. I will definitely not miss their “new” breakfast … which I guess is now their “old” breakfast. It was not tasty.

  4. I’m gonna have to try and make this at home. Were the onions yellow or red, raw or sauteed and carmelized? Was cheese an option? What kind of bun?

    Enquiring minds need to know.

  5. Ooo, Peg, you will not be sad. The onions were red and raw and you could have it on either a wheat or an onion bun. I usually went for wheat because there were already onions. You could get cheese, but I found with the sour cream, the cheese seemed a little too much. But others thought otherwise.

    And, I must say that, I’m not a big fan of sour cream. In fact the patio burger was the only thing I ate it on.

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