Vox Day Mistakes Me for a Sorority Chick

At least, I think that’s what he means by Gamma Girl.

He also says:

I believe there are a lot of nasty little people out there like the appropriately named Tiny who simply hate anything that excels or anyone who does better than they do.

And I’m a big enough person to admit when he’s right. I’ve never even attempted the difficult “bizarre, out of place threat on people’s lives” maneuver and, as pointed out before, he makes it look effortless.

By the way, another reason that women might do well to give greater consideration to Beta or Gamma males is that those men are much more tolerant of women attempting to control them. Lone wolves and Alphas will sooner kill a woman than submit to one, and the more a woman attempts to exert control over them, the worse their behavior will become. Some men are natural jerks, for others, it is learned behavior.

16 thoughts on “Vox Day Mistakes Me for a Sorority Chick

  1. Aunt B., I’m wondering if this Vox chap isn’t playing an ironic role, like Jesus’ General. If so, he’s doing it quite well. If not, then he is the consummate salesman: no one needs what he has (which is nothing), but through shamelessly blustering self-promotion and sheer force of arrogance he can cause enough of a stir to get people to take notice. Strangely attractive to some he will be. Repulsive to others, yes. But, like Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, and others, he will get attention. He is not unique, nor is he remotely original. He is his own greatest fan, and he takes great pride in being an asshole.

    I think I’ve said enough about him. I have more important things to do, like clip my toenails. My only cause for pause was to consider why a decent and fascinating person such as you would waste bandwidth on him.

  2. This is a fascinating thought?? :
    “Let’s take a scenario: A girl in college comes up to you and says, “I’m going to law school.” And you say, “Oh, you want to be a lawyer?” And she says, “No, I’m going to get married and stay at home with the kids.”

    The earnest feminist respects that “choice” as if it’s a valid feminist choice. As if all choices are equally valid if women choose them. As if women aren’t capable of making dumb-ass decisions.

    But the wicked feminist can laugh, long and hard, when confronted with such dumb-assery. And really, I think, it’s about time we started doing that.

    Feminism is supposed to provide an alternative to the current ways we pretend men and women have always been.”

    um, hmm, what passes for fascinating on this blog passes as arrogance and self-absorption.

    fascinating please spare us all

  3. Anonymous, I think you’re in the wrong thread.

    Try to be pissy in the right places, so that people who are only following certain threads can either keep up with or stay out of their choice of discussions.

  4. Here’s what Huck Posted.

    “I don’t know, Vox. Just sounds like a load of self-promoting horse shit to me.

    Good luck with that, …oh, and the car too.
    Huck | Homepage | 02.03.06 – 3:27 pm”

    Boy, he really told him off, didn’t he. The thing I find remarkable about feminists and socialists is there inibility to make a coherent rebuttle.

    Telling someone that they are full of horse shit without backing it up is a waiste of time, it has no meaning.

    Most of the time they start calling names and leave, because they are either Lazy, or stupid. Considering that they are Socialists and feminists, I would bet on the latter.

  5. Sorority chick? Hardly. If alphas are the desirable leaders in a group and betas are the secondary tier then gammas, my dear girl, are merely the part of the pack that no one desires.

    It was an insult that clearly flew over your head.

    And his comment about sooner killing a woman was a figure of speech. He might as well have said, “there is no way in hell an alpha would submit to a female.” However your reaction does hold true to form, if you can’t address an argument directly, then grab on to some minor side point and twist it utterly out of context for maximum emotional effect.

    The point being, if you desire a soft-untermale that you can lead around by the nose don’t go for an alpha.

  6. C’mon, Sarcastro. Haven’t you heard? Alpha males don’t need no stinking identification. They don’t need grammar, punctuation, or spelling, either. If the lessers in the pack were able to fathom the alphas’ lofty ideas, the manner of delivery would be irrelevant.

  7. I think it’s really simple. Don’t take seriously anyone who can’t spell.
    That could be good for all of us or bad for all of us.

  8. The logic of Vox–if one isn’t bragging constantly about how superior they are, then they’re being falsely modest, saying they’re shorter than they are, etc.
    He actually says in the comments that people won’t know how superior you are unless you tell them.

  9. “He actually says in the comments that people won’t know how superior you are unless you tell them.”

    Kind of goes against his whole “people just sense it when your an alpha”. Well, apparently they sense it, but only when you say how much you make, what you drive, that you will kick the ass of any woman who crosses you…

    I guess the people are just too stupid to know what type of car you drive, the importance of your job, or your raw, animal magnetism.

  10. “Equus Pallidus said…

    Telling someone that they are full of horse shit without backing it up is a waiste of time, it has no meaning.”

    despite the inanity of his position that all feminists are unable to form a coherent rebuttal and the obvious lack of clarity exhibited by his poor spelling and grammar, he does manage to make a point.

    If you’re going to rebut, back your arguments up – the spectre of a thinking female upsets “alpha” males more than anything else – it is a direct assault on their whole world view.

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