Oh Yes, Wait A Minute

Sometimes I feel like it’s my whole purpose in life to publicly enjoy the things that young men enjoy so as to ruin their ability to enjoy it. I mean, seriously, you think when Mrs. Wigglebottom and I cruise up West End Avenue with the windows down and the rap music blaring that it doesn’t make all the teenage boys who are trying to scare the old folks cringe just a little?

Lately, I have been totally digging on Juelz Santana’s song “Oh Yes.” I even found the video so that you can watch it, because I’m just that kind of nice.

This song works for one reason… well, okay, one and a half reasons. The half a reason is that the little bit at the end is very catchy.

The one reason is that Santana has picked a good, instantly recognizable song “Mr. Postman” to sample from and he uses that sample well. Usually, when rappers use samples, they either just find a hook they like and let it loop in the background (see Sean Combs’ using “Kashmir” on “Come With Me”) or they fully integrate it into the song (and, fuck me, now that I have “Come With Me” stuck in my head, I can’t think of any examples of the other kind. Damn you Sean Combs!!!!!! Or, I guess, you could just cite any Combs song with or about Biggie Smalls).

Santana, though, manages to accomplish both. The sample is catchy and hooks you in and then, just as you think you can stop paying attention to it and leave it in the background, he’s all like “I don’t (wait). I won’t (wait).” pulling in the “wait” from the sample.

It’s a nice touch.

The video cracks me up, too, because I’m pretty sure that he only had enough footage for a third of a video and just repeated it as needed, to fill up the time. How else to explain how often we have to watch him fucking with his bandana?

9 thoughts on “Oh Yes, Wait A Minute

  1. He’s so clearly NOT Karl Malone that I don’t know how he expects to sell any records with this “Oh yeah, I’m the postman” thing. (Maybe he should have put John Stockton in the video.)

  2. But doesn’t he look like he’s maybe 13? I wonder if he even knows who Karl Malone is. And he surely could not have afforded guest stars, since he spent all his money on buying new bandanas.

  3. OH my goodness. That website kicks ass. I don’t have cable and have only seen 5 music videos in my life (“Oh yes, wait a minute” now being one of them). I watched Johnny Cash’s “Hurt”. I’m sobbing. I think I need to go home early. Wow. Thank you for exposing me to the strange and colorful world of music video, Aunt B.

  4. My goodness, Plimco. Of all the videos to start with! “Hurt” rips your heart right out and stares you in the face with your own impending death. I can see why you’d need to go home early.

    May I recommend “Luxurious” as an antidote?

  5. It is now confirmed. Gwen Stefani and I have absolutely nothing in common…except for our appreciation for a good BarBQ.

  6. I was on West End Ave last night! I had to meet someone for dinner at the Loews. We drove out for dinner and back immediately after. I’m still tired.

  7. Plimco, since you posted about our Grandpa today, doesn’t Johnny Cash’s voice remind you of him? Whenever I listen to Cash CDs I can’t help but think that. “Hurt,” I think, was meant to be sung by Johnny Cash. Sorry, Nine Inch Nails. It was nice of you to realize that and pass it on to him.

    Miss J

  8. YT, if you’d looked to your right while you were on 440, you’d have seen my roof.

    Miss J, I agree completely. Cash’s interpretation of that song is amazing.

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