Go Help W.!

So, I was going to go to bed an hour ago, because I was thinking “This day cannot get any worse” and then I thought, “Well, sure it could.” And so I had to stay up until I was sure the Butcher got home safely.

He is now home safely.

While I was waiting, I stuck W. and the Martini Ministry on the blog roll. Finally.

W. has met a nice artsy girl who wears sweaters with big bloody hearts on them when they hang out together. He likes her. She likes him. He’s looking for some courting advice. Go teach the young whipper-snapper how to properly pitch woo.

One thought on “Go Help W.!

  1. when you posted “big bloody hearts” i imagined the wrong-o sweatshirt kinda thing with hearts and streamers and stars and sparklies. not the punk rock kind lol.

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