Walk, Don’t Run

Today, the Butcher and I saw a guy who was jogging at such a slow pace we both had to stare. But what made us bust up laughing was that, when he stopped to wait for traffic to clear, he paced around on the side walk. And he was darting back and forth at superhuman speeds.

I don’t know anything about running. I don’t do it. If a bear came out of the woods and the choice was to run for my life or just stand there and get eaten, well, bear, I’ve got some pepper spray in my pocket. Would you prefer me mild or with a little kick?

So, I must ask you–if you can walk very quickly, why would you be jogging around so slowly? Is there some health benefit to jogging that the fast walking can’t accomplish? Because, seriously, when walking, that dude was like a bullet shot out of a gun, but when running? Not so much.

2 thoughts on “Walk, Don’t Run

  1. There’s a man in my neighborhood in his late hundreds who “jogs.” Which amounts to taking very large steps with a bit of a hop to them and swinging his arms wildly. I’ve decided to take seeing him jog as a good omen for the day.

    Hey, post instructions on how to make that there origami cooch. I suspect this is what my family thinks I do with my time anyway, sit around creating various incarnations of my cooter. Once your mama has seen you in the VMs, there really is no going back…

  2. I should have shellacked it and posted pictures of it. It wasn’t really origami–nothing that fancy. Just a little folding and squishing and imagination using.

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