The Underpants

I just got back from The Underpants, which is a delightfully funny Steve Martin play they’re putting on over at the Darkhorse Theatre.

I’m headed to bed, because I have to be at work first thing in the morning if I’m not iced in or I’d tell you more about it. But, if you’re in Nashville and you’re looking for something to do this weekend, you should check it out.

It’s not quite a play about cooters, but it is a play about underpants, which is very close.

2 thoughts on “The Underpants

  1. Okay… I’m just catching up from a few days absence… you’re going to Puerto Rico?! So… what’s the “can’t afford to go anywhere” dilemma? Tag it onto the company trip and let The Man pick up the dime!

    Glad u got enjoyed a night at the theatre — it’s vacation for us poor women… 2 hr. escape of imagination.

  2. Cool! I read the screenplay a couple of years ago. If weather permits, I will check out the local production.

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