Yeah, I’m Jealous, What of It?

Our friend “Scarcastro*” got mentioned at Slate on Thursday. Since he doesn’t pay any attention to the liberal media, he didn’t notice until today.

*Oh, Melonyce McAfee, that’s not a scar. That’s just how his face always looks.

3 thoughts on “Yeah, I’m Jealous, What of It?

  1. Jesus on a brass pole, the envy in your bones oozes out onto the keyboard, doesn’t it?

    If you do, in fact, pay attention to the liberal media, why didn’t you come across it on Thursday? It must be the veil of the green fog of jealousy shrouding your brain.

  2. Don’t turn this around on me. I clearly said (with terrible punctuation, now that I look at it) that I was jealous.

    So, big man, you’re going to have to come up with a little something better than

    Me: I’m jealous.
    You: Oh, yeah? Well, you’re just jealous.

    As for me not seeing it in Slate, you want me to be your fucking publicist, I’m going to need to see some money. Your mom pays me fifty bucks a pop to write nice things about you. Occassionally your dad pays me $35 to write snarky bad things about you. I’m willing to charge you what I charge your dad. I’m nice like that.

    So, for thirty five dollars an hour, I’ll scan the internet for mention of you and bring it to your attention so that you can properly revel in the fame.

  3. I know you are, nyah nyah nyah.

    For $35 an hour, you better be cleaning my house, too. Wait, I’ve seen your house. Never mind.

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