Kiss an Engineer Week

Shoot, how can you not love engineers? When there’s a problem, who’s drawing up plans and tinkering with formulas and reveling in the joy of fixing things? Engineers.

But what of seemingly insurmountable problems? Can an engineering mind solve age-old questions, like “How can I get more smooches?”

W. proves that, indeed, they can. In fact, W. has declared this week to be “Kiss an Engineer Week.” The man is a genius.

So pick the engineer of your choice, and give them a big ole smooch. Though I will warn you, engineers aren’t noted for dealing with the opposite sex so random kissing could have entertaining results. I’d expect anything from new puppy like devotion (stalking is such an ugly word) to fainting right on the sidewalk. If you choose wisely, you may even get kissed back. As the founder I’ll be available for kissing all week, otherwise I’d just be a hypocrite.

The First Practice

Oh, holy shit. I just got back from my first practice for The Vagina Monologues. I don’t even know where to start.

Okay, to start with, I spent some time staring at Bocephus’s gold records. Then I was listening to Jeannie Seely telling stories about the Grand Ole Opry, about how she announced our production last Saturday. She threw her head back and just laughed at the memory of her saying “vagina” on the Opry stage. I overheard the last part of some story she was telling Mandy Barnett in which she said “So, at that time, apparently, you could show your tits on the Opry stage but not your knees.” She was wearing a t-shirt that said “In dog years, you’re still a bitch.”

After today, she’s kind of my hero.

So, I haven’t seen The Vagina Monologues before and the first time I read through the whole script was last week. And so I didn’t have any idea what it would really be like, to see each piece embodied by a woman.

But wow. God damn.

Parts are so funny. Tracy Gershon is just a riot, as is Trish Vogel. And parts about did me in, even with people reading through them for the first time; they’re just so sad.

But what was really amazing was just being in the same room with all of these amazing women all working on the same task, some who had done it before, some who had not. People who knew each other. People who were strangers. It was like a county-wide quilting bee, but, you know, with a performance when we’re done, not a blanket.

For All You Working Folks

Some of you are at your jobs right now, surfing your computer, looking for a little something to distract you from the tedium of Monday.

I, on the other hand, am still in my pajamas.

Will I take the dog for a walk or spend my morning reading?

Hard to say.

Right now, I can grope myself and no one cares. How many of you can same the same thing?

Eh, sorry. This post is entirely unnecessary, but it’s no fun to have a day off unless you can gloat about it.