Kiss an Engineer Week

Shoot, how can you not love engineers? When there’s a problem, who’s drawing up plans and tinkering with formulas and reveling in the joy of fixing things? Engineers.

But what of seemingly insurmountable problems? Can an engineering mind solve age-old questions, like “How can I get more smooches?”

W. proves that, indeed, they can. In fact, W. has declared this week to be “Kiss an Engineer Week.” The man is a genius.

So pick the engineer of your choice, and give them a big ole smooch. Though I will warn you, engineers aren’t noted for dealing with the opposite sex so random kissing could have entertaining results. I’d expect anything from new puppy like devotion (stalking is such an ugly word) to fainting right on the sidewalk. If you choose wisely, you may even get kissed back. As the founder I’ll be available for kissing all week, otherwise I’d just be a hypocrite.

7 thoughts on “Kiss an Engineer Week

  1. I’d love to oblige, but I think not.

    The only engineers I know are my older brother (electrical), my one cousin (civil) and another cousin (nuclear).

    The civil enginner cousin has always been pretty cute though….but I don’t live in Tennesee.

  2. My brother and his wife are both Engineers. I feel left out. So I hereby declare that next week is national “Fuck the Knuck” week!!!!

    Wooooooo, hooooooooo!

  3. I’m not sure, but I think that sound you just heard was Huck pounding his head against his desk for making such a rule during Huck History Month.

  4. Oh, fuck me! No, I totally screwed that up. I meant to say that I bet he’s pissed he didn’t think of declaring it Fuck Huck Month. Not that he had.

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