The Port Thing

America, if you don’t find this hilarious, I just don’t know how to talk to you.

For the last five years, this administration has argued that we can do whatever the fuck we want, world opinion be damned–torture people, make them disappear into secret prisons never to be heard from again, listen in on the phone conversations of US citizens without warrants, etc.–as long as it keeps America safe, or, frankly, gives the appearance of keeping America safe.

Then, yesterday, the President was all like “Well, we can’t just be running around telling the United Arab Emirates that they can’t run our ports just because it’s an Arab country. It wouldn’t look right. What kind of message would that be sending the rest of the world?”

And then he threatened to veto any legislation that Congress might approve that halted the deal. Yes, the “Tough on Terror” President is going to side with an Arab country against the US Congress. You can almost hear the Democratic leadership wetting itself with glee.

Time and time again the Democrats have been handed political gold only to turn it into lead. But finally, here comes a political opportunity so easy that even they cannot fuck this up, because Republicans are also on-board.

And all this veto talk that was so important yesterday? Well, it doesn’t take a seasoned journalist to interpret what this headline means: Bush Didn’t Know About Ports Deal. He’s going to try to back away from all that tough talk to save some political face.

Still, it’s pretty funny that something that was so important yesterday that he was going to veto any effort to derail it, is so unimportant today that the President didn’t even know about it.

6 thoughts on “The Port Thing

  1. When I watched the news last night, all I could think was “Is it April Fool’s Day (no pun intended)?” Surely, Bush cannot be serious?!

  2. I have no idea what Bush is thinking.

    At lunch, I heard Rush talking about how all the democratic opposition to it is really because the longshoreman’s union is pulling the democrats’ strings.
    Of course, remember we’re talking about Rush here, so you know.

  3. The longshoremen’s union?! Come on. That’s even funnier.

    No, no, it can’t possibly be because the new administrator of the Maritime Administration of the Transportation Department used to work for Dubai Ports World. And for sure not because of the ties between Snow and Treasury Secretary John Snow and Dubai Ports World. (Snow used to be the chairman of CSX Rail, which sold its own port operations to Dubai Ports World in 2004.)

    No, no one’s opposing this because of the weird connections between the administration and that company and the fact that the company is owned by a country that has ties to terrorism. It must be because of the evil influence of the longshoremen.

    You’ve got to love Rush. It’s like he’s the opposite of Ockham. Whatever seems least plausible must be the real answer.

  4. Aunt B., those people who we were torturing and dissapearing, they were individuals. You can do anything to individuals. But hey, you don’t tread on the rights of a corporation. Corporations are sacrosanct. And it doesn’t matter which country the corporation seems to come from, because corporations are above the concept of statehood.

    Neocons owe their allegiance to the Global Free Market, not the US of A.

  5. And when it comes to election time, the Repubes will just trot out the feminists and the queers to scare up enough votes (literally) among the uptight bible thumpers. The marketing maestros will create a confused enough electorate that they’ll only remember the last massively spun thing they heard. What’ll really be spinning is their heads.

    This administration has been feeding us bogus-anus disinformation from shortly after Day One. They rode into office on the head of Clinton’s dick and they stayed there because of Osama’s convenient attack, after which for some unknown reason a number of people started mistaking Shrub for a president. A large enough number of people came down with gonoreelectim to put him in office for a second term. Presidential elections are turning into a referendum on abortion, period.

    Aaargh! Whovever runs next for the Republicans can just run against Bush’s obvious mistakes while still pushing the uglier aspect of his domestic agenda. There’s nothing here to help the Democrats.

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