Why I Will Never Be a Libertarian–Reason 2

I feel I owe Sarcastro. I think you do, too.

You don’t just send folks off to shoot at people and get shot at and to defend our country or liberate whoever needs liberating or tell them to do something and then blame them for doing it and then bring them home and set them loose to fend for themselves.

If Sarcastro goes crazy or ends up with long-term effects from exposure to oil fires or whatever, because of what we asked him to do, then we owe it to him to take care of him once he’s home.

He doesn’t want to be taken care of. But really, tough shit.

He’s free to barricade himself in his house and refuse all help, but that doesn’t mean we’re not obliged to make it available.

7 thoughts on “Why I Will Never Be a Libertarian–Reason 2

  1. I kept the price of gas under a dollar a gallon for most of the nineties and all I get is a Certificate of Appreciation?!?!

    Please send your donations (guilty liberals) to
    The Sarcastro Home for Bitter Veterans and Wayward Girls,
    c/o Aunt B
    1313 Cooter Place
    Nashville, TN 37209

  2. Oh, sweet Sarcastro, I feel compelled, for the sake of our friendship to remind you that I’m an unrepentant old school liberal. If people start sending me money to give to you to appease their guilt, I will steal a good half, if not more, of it to cover my “administrative costs.”

    So, yes, send money folks! You owe it to Sarcastro.

  3. That comment sums up :”Why I Will Never Be an Old School Liberal–Reason 1″

  4. I think Aunt B’s house is a perfect address as a home for Wayward Girls.

    Home for Wayward Girls and Deadbeat Stoners is too long to put on a sign.

  5. Sarcastro, I sent you a check last week but I think the fund administrator spent it on ketchup covered pickles she could throw at her dog. Sorry you didn’t get your bullets and beer money for that week.

  6. My father is a staunch libertarian b/c he wants to keep all his money. If I hear the argument one more time ‘If we weren’t taxed to death, people would naturally donate to private social service agencies and churches and they would do the work they should do instead of the gov’t doing it’. That’s crap,, they wouldn’t either!
    The week the Lotto came out, they made $32 million – people could donate that before couldn’t they and they didn’t, People won’t part w/ money unless they have something to gain or unless they have to, or unless they have a stake in it and really are caring or altruistic. And if he tells me to read ‘Atlas Shrugged’ one more time, … I’ll throw a pickle at him, ha! (but I’m set to get a good inheritance, ha!)

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