Silver Linings

Okay, so asking me to be in The Vagina Monologues is apparently the equivalent of asking a garlic farmer to host a party for vampires.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t a bright side.

1. The Butcher doesn’t know that Miss J. isn’t coming, and so he’s at home cleaning as we speak.

2. I bought the most awesome necklaces for the show to wear in a big pile, but I’ve been having fun wearing them all week.

3. And at least now I know that, if any of you are stalking me, you’re the shittiest stalkers in the world.

4 thoughts on “Silver Linings

  1. I am stalking you. And I’m IN THE SHOW. Which I suppose makes me the best freaking stalker who ever lived. Fear me!! Also, the good thing about no one you know coming to the show is that you can wear stuff you would never consider wearing around your friends. Hell, I may go topless this year. Pasties!! (these people have no idea what they’re missing…)

  2. I keep meaning to stalk you, but my work schedule keeps getting in the way. Maybe next month I’ll get around to it. Can you fax me your itenerary? It’d make things so much easier. Thanks.

  3. I just stalk at a distance, one that’s likely to be outlined in a restraining order:)

    I stalk your blog – does that count?

    I have to work, or I would see the show. If seeing the show will somehow keep my electricity on, I’m so there.

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