Yes, I’ve Been Drinking, So, Yes, It’s a Mushy Post

Let’s hope this is the last we have to speak of the recent unpleasantness*. But I just wanted to take a minute and say thanks to all y’all.

I think the last time I talked to Coble, our exchange went something like “Suck my butt,” “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” “Do you even read what I say?” “I don’t have to. You never say anything new.” “You stink.” “So do you.” And yet, who called me up at lunch to check on me? Coble.

Kleinheider is my exact opposite. We’re actually forbidden by a little-known law of physics from meeting, because it would be like matter and anti-matter colliding. Scientists right now are studying how to bring us close enough together to generate an endless supply of energy without destroying either of us. Do most of Kleinheider’s readers agree with me? I doubt it. And yet, one of them called him to let him know what was going on so he could take appropriate steps.

Up at Pith in the Wind, they deleted comments as fast as they went up.

And you know Brittney, Sarcastro, Nashville Knucklehead, and the Wayward Boy Scout totally had my back.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Tiny Cat Pants might be good because of me, but it’s great because of you guys. I learn so much from you all the time, not only because of what you say, but how you live in the world. I feel very lucky.

So, again, to all you guys, thanks a lot.

It’s strange, but as much as it sucked and probably will continue to suck for a bit, y’all made me feel taken care of.

*My Southern readers will pause momentarily to wonder if I’m talking about the Civil War.

Sorry About That

It’s going to be slightly annoying around here for a little bit. I’ve turned the comments moderation on. Not forever. Lord knows having to wait for me to okay everything is going to ruin the rhythm of conversations.

But for a little bit.

As you all know, there aren’t a lot of rules around here. Just please don’t personally attack each other and, if at all possible, please don’t take others’ comments as personal attacks.

In the whole time I’ve had Tiny Cat Pants, I’ve only deleted a couple of comments–the ones that I felt were insulting attacks on the Butcher. And then the one from last night, which disclosed all of my personal information.

I thought about leaving it, because, obviously, most of you know who I am and the ones that don’t could always just ask. It’s not a big secret. But some of the information is wrong and, if there are any loonies out there who, for whatever reason, want to hunt me down, it seemed unethical of me to point them to folks who have no idea who I am and thus no responsibility for what I do or say.

So, down it came.

Still, once something’s out there on the internet, it’s out there forever. So, I have to ask, if you’re going to start stalking me, please, beware of the dog.