Yes, I’ve Been Drinking, So, Yes, It’s a Mushy Post

Let’s hope this is the last we have to speak of the recent unpleasantness*. But I just wanted to take a minute and say thanks to all y’all.

I think the last time I talked to Coble, our exchange went something like “Suck my butt,” “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” “Do you even read what I say?” “I don’t have to. You never say anything new.” “You stink.” “So do you.” And yet, who called me up at lunch to check on me? Coble.

Kleinheider is my exact opposite. We’re actually forbidden by a little-known law of physics from meeting, because it would be like matter and anti-matter colliding. Scientists right now are studying how to bring us close enough together to generate an endless supply of energy without destroying either of us. Do most of Kleinheider’s readers agree with me? I doubt it. And yet, one of them called him to let him know what was going on so he could take appropriate steps.

Up at Pith in the Wind, they deleted comments as fast as they went up.

And you know Brittney, Sarcastro, Nashville Knucklehead, and the Wayward Boy Scout totally had my back.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Tiny Cat Pants might be good because of me, but it’s great because of you guys. I learn so much from you all the time, not only because of what you say, but how you live in the world. I feel very lucky.

So, again, to all you guys, thanks a lot.

It’s strange, but as much as it sucked and probably will continue to suck for a bit, y’all made me feel taken care of.

*My Southern readers will pause momentarily to wonder if I’m talking about the Civil War.

9 thoughts on “Yes, I’ve Been Drinking, So, Yes, It’s a Mushy Post

  1. (I’m posting this all over, so everone will see it)

    I can’t believe I didn’t think of this myself. It took Mrs Schwartz to point it out to me.

    Comcast is a business. They don’t like bad press or pissed off customers.

    Anybody who’s interested in registering a complaint with Comcast Cable Corporation:

    The jackass’ IP Address:

    You can contact Comcast sustomer service at:
    or call 1-800-COMCAST

  2. People who believe in violence always have a little edge over people who believe in peace. Christ, Gandhi, King, and many others fell to the assassin or the executioner. And yet the human race stumbles unsteadily toward peace. The idea does not die.

    As ironic as the term peacekeeper seems when applied to a soldier in full battle dress, the sad fact is that we do need to show devotees of violence that we will counter them with our own direct force if necessary. Either that or let them take us out one by one, removing our physical selves while leaving the idea of what we stood for intact, perhaps even stronger.

    People actively willing to use force will interrupt discussion when they feel outclassed but unconvinced. They’ll say, “fine, I’ll fight you for it.” All that proves is who is better at fighting.

    What has set Tiny Cat Pants apart is that people of different philosophies have remained in the discussion. Is everyone’s sense of humor the critical difference between this site and your typical acrimonious flame forum? I think so. The usual posters here all have a sense of humor.

    If you look at the real troublemakers in the world, the terrorists and repressors, none of them have a sense of humor. As soon as a person decides to take things personally and seriously, a fight must follow.

  3. Yay! I just started drinking and I’m raising my glass to your mush. I love you too. Now. Come here and give us a cuddle…

    -The Divine Ms. B.

  4. Wait, all those blogs got hit up? I didn’t get shit.

    God, how embarassing.

  5. This is why I’m happy to NOT be popular like you.

    It’s like high school all over again!

    Whatever. I’ve been drinking too.

    Smooches, B!

    (when I read this tomorrow it won’t even make sense. Ooops!)

    Kick some major ASS tomorrow! I wish I could be there!

    Feel free to delete this post to not make me look like an idiot. Ooops! Too late! It is now 2:13 in the am.

  6. I had a person leaving comments on my blog that were very personal and I felt like a nuclear bomb had gone off in my comments section.
    Come to find out, it was someone I knew who doesn’t agree politically with me.
    I finally called her, as they arrogantly let me know who it was because she was so proud of herself for “telling it to that editor.”
    I asked if she felt better. I said if I can give you some self-confidence by you slamming me, if I have that much power over you please keep coming back, but I am not going to respond because I don’t have to. I also suggested she go get herself her own blog, and be sure to rag me personally as I could see that was keeping her going for the time being.
    I mentioned again that I appreciated her giving me so much power over her.
    This really pissed her off but she didn’t come back. About a week later, she sent me an e-mail saying she no longer visited my blog because I was a “left-wing fruitcake” anyway and she didn’t need me anymore. She also started her own blog.
    I thanked her for her time and effort by giving me some room and board in her head, and actually congratulated her on opening her own blog and she went on her way.
    This posting of your personal information is disturbing to me, that someone would have such a pathetic life they felt the need to do this.
    I have never had to go through what you have, but I used to work with battered women and sometimes their husbands would show up to prove to me they could, blaming me that they “had to teach their woman a lesson.”
    For some reason, that’s the first thing that came to my mind when you posted about this.
    They would show up to prove to me they could, which sounds like that this stupid son of a bitch was doing with you.

  7. My Southern readers will pause momentarily to wonder if I’m talking about the Civil War.

    Haven’t you learned by now? There was nothing civil about it. We only refer to it as the War Between the States or the War of Northern Aggression.

    Now I gotta go whip up some biscuits and grits.

  8. I have to say, I thought it was simply amazing how the bloggers circled the wagons on this one. You all rock. :)

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