The Shill Makes Me Cry

The Butcher finally retrieved the mail for the month and I was sorting through it looking for bills to pay, when I came across a gift card from the Shill and the Legal Eagle, I presume.

She says it’s from those of you that love me.

Could I be any more spoiled?


4 thoughts on “The Shill Makes Me Cry

  1. LE is bogarting my good karma.

    You’re welcome! I do, however, think you could be more spoiled. And I think the TCP readership would agree with me.

  2. Perhaps, as we’re working to define “manhood” I should lobby for a definition that includes “spoiling me.”

    That would be fun.

  3. Why don’t men worship me? I’m cute.

    Clearly, the fact that I’m not being regularly spoiled by the manly men hanging around here indicates some deep problems on their part.

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