The Butcher Talks Theology at Work

The Butcher’s Co-Worker: You know, the Bible says that there will be one world government before Jesus comes back.

The Butcher: You know, Jesus says you shouldn’t get married.

They return to work. After a few minutes of silence.

The Butcher’s Co-Worker: You know, Jesus is probably right about that.

5 thoughts on “The Butcher Talks Theology at Work

  1. Oh, Christ. Don’t even kid about him not working. No, the whole reason I never have a car and our buddy Sarcastro gives me rides when it’s too cold or wet to walk home is that the Butcher has my car so that he can get to his crappy job–which is, yes, as a butcher.

    He hates his job, but he is forbidden from quitting it until he has another job lined up.

    I love that boy and I can accomodate his car being repossessed and the house looking like a fraternity secretly lives there when I’m not home, but if he loses this job without having another way to earn a paycheck, I will beat him to death with his own art work.

  2. Yeah, like the little stoner (no offense) is going to have the gumption to go out and get another job when the current one is good enough to get by.

    I guess all the talk of him laying about made me think he is currently jobless.

  3. Well, actually Jesus doesn’t say that…I believe it was Paul in 1st Corinthians Chapter 7 or somewhere near there. He says so because it adds extra problems to your life. He is very clear to indicate that this is not a command of God, nor would it be a sin to get married….however, I do agree with the Butchers coworker….he may have been correct there.

  4. Boy Scout, are you trying to make me cry? Because, really, talking about the Butcher never getting another job treads very close to “sends your darling Aunt B. into uncontrolled sobbing” territory. Do you want to see your darling Aunt B. cry?

    David, my mom has a saying: Don’t get in a butt fight with a Swedish woman. Contemplate that as I lay this on you:

    The disciples piss and moan: If being married is so bad, why should we even bother to get married? Thanks for nothing, Jesus.

    And Jesus says: Not everyone can handle never being married, but, if you can accept it, you should.

    Matthew 19:10-11, my translation

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