Avian Overlords

The Recovering Baptist points out that three kids in Iran died of the Avian Flu because they were playing with the dead body of a chicken who had died from it.

And that? Is why diseases are harder on third world countries than they are in countries that have nice, environment destroying-yet-disease-free, plastic toys.

Amen, sister.

Also, check out that tiny cat! You’re going to tell me that pants on that kitten wouldn’t be the funniest, break-your-hear-iest thing in the world?

9 thoughts on “Avian Overlords

  1. NPR had a story on the World Health Org tring to vaccinate people against polio in the Hindu Kush mountains. Many of the people refuse the vaccine, just as they do in parts of Africa. We could easily have polio erradicated if it wasn’t for ignorant third world morons.

  2. Young man, I’m a little surprised at you. I’d think a man who can trace his roots back to a people who know full well the negative effects of imperialism might have a little more sympathy towards people who react with suspicion when anyone comes in and wants them to change their diets and stick shit in them and such.

    I’m not saying that not having your kids vaccinated isn’t misguided. I think it is. But I’d think you’d have a little sympathy. Think of your people.

    I mean, seriously, Exador. How do three quarters of a million people on an island surrounded by an ocean full of fish which they have been fishing for thousands of years starve to death?

    British neglect or out and out ill intent, I can’t say. That’s not my point. My point is that folks have reasons to be suspicious of outside intervention from groups of people who have proven that their intentions aren’t always the best. As you well know.

  3. Ha, I’m sorry. I have to just say that, rereading my last comment cracks me up because Sarcastro has this idea that you can tell the difference between male and female commenters because (and I’m paraphrasing here, since he hasn’t articulted it as a rule, yet) men will argue for the sake of arguing, when they don’t really know what they’re talking about, and women, when they don’t really know what they’re talking about will be all like “think of the children.”

    And here I go, hauling your dead Irish relatives into this, like dying in the potato famine has anything to do with not vaccinating your kids.

    That cracks me up.

    Sarcastro really should write an idiot’s guide to the internet once he’s done with his manual for wayward girls.

    He’s secretly wise.

  4. My wisdom is no secret.

    Your comparing the Potato famine to imperialistic vaccination programs doesn’t hold up.

    If anything the Brits are to be blamed for doing NOTHING rather than having a proactive plan to diversify the crops of the Emerald Isle.

  5. Didn’t I just admit that I was hauling out the dead Irish children solely because I had nothing else useful to add to the discussion? Yes, I think I did.

    When someone gives you a compliment, here in the real world, you just gracefully accept it.

  6. I thought it was because you hate Blacks, Dogs and Irish.

  7. Oh man. Don’t get my Irish up. My genetic memory still has me uncomfortable with anything British. Never forget, never surrender…wait maybe that was Galaxy Quest.
    Bird flu showing up in cats though is making me very nervous. I don’t think there is a vaccine for that.

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