Ruining the Men of the Nashville Blogosphere One Lunch at a Time

I just got back from lunch with the Nashville Knucklehead. I think it went okay. He didn’t cry or run screaming from the Mellow Mushroom. And I don’t think he needed therapy to recover. Unlike some men who eat lunch with me… ahem… Fritz.

At one point, though, he did say, while kind of laughing, “This is just how I imagined it would be.”

I swear, I do know how to behave myself. I just don’t like to.

My Weird Dream

So, I often have this dream about a large Victorian house that is haunted by all kinds of scary things–in the dream, it’s the house one of my friends lived in in grade school, but modified so that there’s a big two story porch and some extra rooms and a scary basement, in the way of dream architecture.

Usually, I live in this house.

But last night, in my dream, W. had bought the house from my friend’s family to live in with his brother, who is, in the dream, a professional baseball player. This is a problem, because, after they move in to the house, with my cats, his brother is being regularly possessed by a giant garden slug, and is thus in danger of losing his contract.

It’s up to me to exorcise the slug and clear the house of all ghosts.

I mention all this as a long way of saying that I used to be a good cook. But I made my famous chicken and rice last night, a dish I’ve made a thousand times, and it was not very good–though the Butcher said he liked it–and it gave me indigestion and weird vivid dreams.

Maybe if I could remember the exact mixture of spices, I could sell it to mystics looking for visions, but as just an ordinary cook of ordinary meals, this isn’t going to cut it.

Happy Things, Instead

As part of my month-long commitment to happiness, or whatever, here are three things that make me happy.

1. The new is working. You don’t have to change your bookmarks or anything, but, you know, if you’re away from your usual computer and you want to check to see if I’ve said anything that will piss you off, is easy enough to remember.

2. Mr. Roboto is having a blogger party on Thursday. If you are a blogger or read blogs or just like to wander around the house saying “blog” to yourself because you enjoy the sound of it, you should come.

3. I’m out of town next week. I’ll be sitting by this pool. And then I’m on vacation the next week. It’s easy enough to devote March to being happy under those circumstances.