In Which I Propose Further Legislation for the Pro-Life Crowd to Support

Y’all, this idea is so brilliant they’ll probably make me president-for-life of NOW, that is, if Focus on the Family doesn’t endow some chair for me at Bob Jones University.

Are you ready?

Let’s just say that a fertilized egg is a child. And let’s just say that children are a special class of citizen and their right to life trumps an adult’s right to say what happens to her own body. Therefore, if a woman finds out she’s pregnant, the state can compel her to donate her body to that child so that it can live.

That’s pretty much the pro-make-abortion-illegal crowd’s position.

My gripe with that, for those of you reading along at home, is that it treats women and men differently because the child’s rights always come before the woman’s rights, thus making women into a lesser kind of citizen than men, because there’s no analogous loss of bodily autonomy for the man.

Therefore, I propose compulsory organ donation for fathers.

It’s perfect. Most women, when they find out that they’re pregnant, even if it’s unexpected, arrange their lives to fit a child. They willingly set aside their bodily autonomy for the benefit of the kid. Most men, if faced with a child who needed a kidney or who had really shot her eye out with a bb gun would gladly donate whatever body part necessary to make that child whole.

So, if most people would do it anyway, and if the rights of children always trump the rights of adults, why not legally mandate that men must give their body parts to their children if their children need them?

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  1. That is the greatest idea ever. Also? Your picture is likely now hanging “Wanted Dead or Alive” style on Bob Jones University’s campus.

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