A Rain of Serpents

If the 1800s are under appreciated for anything, it’s the large number of strange rains that seem to have fallen–full of frogs, snakes, and even meat.

In Memphis, for instance, in 1877, they were deluged with a rain of snakes. One might wonder where thousands of snakes could come from. Most Memphians (I still prefer Memphibians) assumed a hurricane had brought the snakes.

Charles Fort writes a nice letter in which he explains how clearly these rains of animals are a clear indication of space winds: “The phenomena look to me like migrations from unknown worlds not far away.”

My question is when was the last time it rained animals? It seems to have happened pretty dang frequently in the 1800s but I haven’t heard of it recently. Are we being cheated out of a cool weather phenomenon? And if so, by whom?

2 thoughts on “A Rain of Serpents

  1. The timing of this post weirded me out–I just rewatched Magnolia the other day and quoted something from the scene where frogs are raining in my blog. The timing seemed such that I had to mention this post today in my blog.

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