Help the Butcher

I almost forgot. The Butcher has to entertain my aunt and uncle on Tuesday. He’s desperate for ideas about where to take them and what to do.

I told him I would ask y’all what you think are very “Nashville” things that folks should not miss out on. So, here it goes. What should the Butcher be sure to expose my aunt and uncle to?

7 thoughts on “Help the Butcher

  1. I’m a big fan of going inside the Parthenon and seeing jaws drop and eyes open wide when people first see Athena.

    I also like to take people to dinner at the Wildhorse Saloon – especially people who don’t know that some people really do get all gussied up and know what dance to do to what song (or at least two-step quite nicely). That’s good kitch fun.

    There’s the Farmer’s Market and the Capitol and the Bicentennial Park.

    the Professor

  2. Damn, Nashville Knucklehead beat me on that one.
    How about one of the Gentleman’s Clubs up there by Frugal McDougals?

  3. Tootsie’s, or some other Nashville-ish bar. And the Bluebird Cafe is always a neat place to go.

  4. Opryland Hotel’s atriums is good touristy stuff in any weather. Just make sure you park in the old Jillian’s lot and walk through the path to avoid paying for parking.

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