Aha! Talk about Obtuse!

“Oh,” I complain, “I can’t think of a good nickname for the old man. What could possibly be both annoying and endearing that I could call the old man that he will actually answer to? How will I ever come up with something that fits the old man?”

Some days, I am an idiot.

But today I am pleased and tickled.

While I’m Away

–I don’t think I’m girlie enough by half. I am mostly packed and I haven’t filled half of one suitcase.

–I turned on comment moderation. Nothing against you guys, but you know…

I’ve shown the Butcher how to free the comments from the moderation cue, but I’m not guaranteeing he’ll get around to it. So, if your comments don’t show up right away, don’t take it personally.

–The Butcher may post; he may not. I’m hopeful that he will, but he doesn’t seem that excited about it.

–I’m constantly asking you guys for more naked folks and, finally, some of you have complied. Check out Knucklehead’s naked woman and Chris Wage’s naked man. Kudos gentlemen. (Warning: Real naked people. Not work safe and, if I have any young readers, not safe for y’all either.)

–Sadly, I still haven’t come up with a sufficiently “just right” nickname for the old man, and now he’s gone to the trouble of making himself lame so that he’ll have to hobble around with a cane. It’s comedy gold and yet another opportunity to tease him and I’m going to miss it.

Citizens of Earth, how can I relax and have a good time while I’m away if I can’t be sure that he’s getting the hard time he so richly deserves? So, I implore you, go give him shit. Make fun of his old mannish ways. Suggest that, if he were half as manly as he seems to be, he’d let me drive his truck or shoot his guns. Write him poems about how lucky he is to know me.

I’m trusting you to keep him off-kilter with the charming, witty hard time he usually gets from me. So, go over there and do your best impersonations of me. If you won’t do it for me, do it for him. Look at this face. He really needs your help.

The Wayward Boy Scout is coming to Nashville while I’m gone. If you see him while he’s here, buy the man a beer.

Yep, Boy Scout, that’s how nice I am. I’m trying to get you free booze. Keep that in mind should you get into any “curious” situations this weekend.

–If you get bored and wonder what the fuck is going on in Tennessee, check out newscoma’s blog. I dig it.

–Todd A. is giving his story away to everyone. Check it out.

Okay, so, while I’m gone, the Butcher is in charge. Be nice to him. Give Sarcastro shit. Buy Exador beer if you see him. Read newscoma and support Todd A. Shoot, that’s good fun and that’ll keep you busy until I get back.