I sat down to write this morning and miss wigglebottom was very persistent about a walk and since it was such a beautiful day it took a few hours longer than I expected so I will leave you with this one complaint

Junk mail I cleaned my house yesterday and threw out like 4 pounds of junk mail now I’m not a avid tree hugger but george bush (I use gb instead of gd) people I think it should be illegal to just mail out all this shit if you want coupons you could subscribe to a coupon news letter of some sort and if I wanted a fucking credit card I wouldn’t have done my best to fuck up my credit

I feel bad bitching to the world junk mail is probably the only thing keeping the usps open

So aunt b is gone and I have to baby sit her blog…

So aunt b is gone and I have to baby sit her blog which isn’t working out so well because I don’t have a fucking clue what I’m doing I tried to free some comments but it didn’t work nor did it work when b tried to show me so sorry but

I would like to keep you all entertained while b is gone but I feel performance anxiety right now