Who Will Fix My Door This Time?

I know March is supposed to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb, but this March seems to be storming around like a drunken boy friend who’s sure I’m in here fucking around on him and he’s going to break the god damn door down if he has to.

Now the door is attached to my home by the latch and one last hinge. It’s not so much “shut” as it is propped up in a closed position. But at least it is closed, which is an improvement over how it was a few minutes ago, flapping wildly in the breeze as the dohicky* that has the thingy that slides in and out that is supposed to keep the door shut bent in such a way that it now instead holds the door open.

Or did until I took the pin out.

So, now the door is holding on by one hinge and the dohicky is flapping freely in the wind. I’d call the landlord, but this is an ongoing problem with the door and my repairs to it have always been more successful than his.

I’ve never had a bent dohicky before, though, and I’m not sure what to do now.

Replace the dohicky? Replace the whole door? At least replace the screws that came out of the hinges, right?

*I believe this is the technical name.

5 thoughts on “Who Will Fix My Door This Time?

  1. Wait, you have a landlord?! I assumed you owned the house. What are you doing bitching about the Butcher not fixing this, or your door is hanging on, as an open invitation to the hobos.

    Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ. Call the landlord and tell him to fix this crap.

    You give me a headache.

  2. Hey, ouch. I’m doing the best I can. Sorry I’m not all manly and competent and able to stick up for myself. Sorry that I suck so much that no man will take care of me.

    But my landlord does not fix things. The amount of energy required to nag him into fixing things–I don’t have it. It’s easier for me to just do it myself than endure the hell that is trying to get him to do it.

    If you’d read closely, you’d see that the door is a recurring problem and he’s been out to fix it a few times and I’ve fixed it a few times and he doesn’t do any better than me and someone has to take off work to be here when he comes because of the dog, so cost wise, unless it’s a huge problem, it’s easier to just fix it ourselves.

  3. The cabinet to my kitchen cupboard fell off and hit me in the head last night if that makes you feel any better.

  4. Sometimes I think that Aunt B has my old landlord, Wayne Morris. But if she did, I think she would mention him more. Because he was more than incompetent — he was a dick, too.

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