Maybe I’m a Poltergeist!

So, we all know about the door. And there was the period of time earlier today when all the shit to the right there just vanished (when I republished, it came back).

But get this, kids, I just blew every lightbulb in the downstairs except two. Went to the bathroom, flipped the switch–lightbulb blew. Went to the kitchen to do some dishes, flipped the switch–lightbulb blew. Turned on the light in the dining room/laundry room/narrow spot between here and the kitchen, and one bulb blew. Walked back under it and all of the rest of them blew.

I’m afraid to go upstairs, because we don’t have any more lightbulbs after I replace all the ones down here.

Am I magic? Did I bring home something disgruntled from Puerto Rico? Do I have superpowers? I wonder if I can ask my neighbors to let me in their house to see if I have the same effect on their lightbulbs.

4 thoughts on “Maybe I’m a Poltergeist!

  1. Stand back, I’m a professional.

    As a bona-fide minister/soft rock star and a fan of tiny cat pants I will gladly come over and perform an exorcism on you and your house’s electrical system. If you act now I’ll even throw in a blessing of that dog/rat of yours, summon a myriad of angels to protect you from evangelical Republicans and their murderous plots against you, and offer a free prayer for your man’s left hand strength so that he might smite his foes ambidextrously at dart boards in bars and other houses of ill repute from here to the ends of the earth.

    You think I’m joking but I’m just saying…

  2. Shaun, you cannot even begin to imagine how happy it would make my poor minister dad if he discovered I’d let you into my house to exorcise my electrical system.

    Chris–planned obsolescence… sure… you and your “science” and your reliance on “logic” and reasonable explanations. Clearly, the most obvious reason for my situation is that I have super powers. I’m sorry that your bias against superheros prevents you from realizing the truth.

  3. Planned obsolescence? I would have figured shoddy manufacturing and a freaky coincidence.

    Or maybe it’s just all the reflection off B’s sunburn.

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