An Important Question for Medical Professionals

Can one suffocate on her own boobs?

Not me, of course. I have this friend who’s been on vacation all week and so hasn’t bothered to put on a bra since late Sunday and who felt, yesterday, when she was walking in Murfreesboro, that she was having trouble breathing.

And even now, she tells me that when she lifts her boobs up to where they normally sit when she’s wearing a bra, it does seem easier to breath.

Should this friend be concerned? Is suffocating under the weight of your own tits one of those things that falls under “dying of natural causes”?

And most importantly, if it turned out that my, er, her boobs are making it hard to breath, should I make more of an effort to sleep on my stomach?

4 thoughts on “An Important Question for Medical Professionals

  1. If their real, then it can be considered ‘dying of natural causes’. Otherwise it’s malpractice or wrongful death due to unrealistic expectations.

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