Babies Killing Babies

I don’t know what it is, but today just seems to be the day of baby women killing the babies dependent on them for life.

First we had the baby woman in Egypt who was smote to death by God for aborting the baby growing from her head.

And now we have an evil Pakistani baby woman who had two fetuses removed from her uterus. Sure, the doctors claim those fetuses were dead, but even so, today’s events set a dangerous precedent. Perhaps there should be some kind of investigation to see if this baby woman was perhaps negligent during her pregnancy, thus contributing to the deaths of the babies in her womb.

And sure, the Egyptian baby woman is dead, but certainly we can demand the Egyptian government hold her doctors accountable for the death of the person dependent on her.

I’m sure our darling Kleinheider would agree. We’ve got to stop this dangerous trend of baby woman baby killers before it gets out of hand.

Who’s with me? Kleinheider?