Well, that wasn’t so great

Tiny Cat Pants is too huge to move over. So, the question is–stay here or break TCP in two and just pick a date when we all agree to stop meeting over here and start meeting over there?

3 thoughts on “Well, that wasn’t so great

  1. Breaking it in two offends my librarian sensibilities. Is it just the lack of categories that is the problem? One way to overcome that is to use del.icio.us, and just bookmark your own stuff. You can download the code to put a cloud or list of tags in your Blogger sidebar. Whether you make visible “filed under” links in each post would be up to you. I’m using this for my Blogger account. Admittedly, a couple of my tags are busted at the moment, but I think that’s my fault. Let me know if you need more info on it. :)

  2. Rachel, I’m sure you have plenty of texts in your library that are broken in parts. Just come to think of this as Tiny Cat Pants Volume 1 and the new place as Tiny Cat Pants Volume 2.

  3. B,
    You’re absolutely right! That first comment might have come off sounding more harsh than I meant – should have employed emoticons. Loving the new site!

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