Email from The Butcher

This is the complete contents of the email the Butcher just sent me:

As long as there’s welfare the phrase "jobs Americans wont do" shouldn’t exist


Which raises this question: isn’t he supposed to be at work?

8 thoughts on “Email from The Butcher

  1. I only led you to the Kool-Aid. You drank it all on your own. You will probably figure out how to do all sorts of stuff with it that would never occur to me.

  2. He describes himself as a "socialitarian"–a socialist libertarian. He’s far more liberal on some things than I am, but we compliment each other politically in most things.It’s the recalcitrant brother who’s more my political opposite, as you might guess, from his close ties with certain social clubs I disapprove of.

  3. He joined The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants? Or was it the Ya-Ya Sisterhood? I do remember something about wearing a hood. Maybe that’s it. I got it. Boyz in the Hood!

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