Random Things I Love

  1. Staying late at the office, waiting for the Butcher to come and pick me up.  Obviously, not all the time, but on days like today, when everyone else goes home and it’s very quiet and I get work done and don’t feel bad about surfing the internet between tasks.  Plus, we usually have Jack in the Box for dinner.
  2. The way the tiny cat will come bursting into the bathroom when I’m trying to shit.  She just rushes in like there’s some big emergency, and now she’s gotten it so Mrs. Wigglebottom will follow her, and so there will be three of us in this tiny bathroom, just hanging out after the urgency dissipates.
  3. How bright my bedroom is in the morning, when the sun rises over I-440.
  4. Watching the construction workers tear down my old building.  Can I heckle them?  Is that impolite?  It’s all I can do to not shout out "Hey, Baby!"
  5. That new Gretchen Wilson song, even though I can’t decide if I’m one of the people from whom she can’t get no respect or if I’m one of the people she’d be for.
  6. Judas Priest.  I’m sorry.  They just could not be any greater.  For one, they suck, but in the most fun way ever.  Then their lead singer turned out to be gay.  And, when their songs come on the radio, the Butcher always changes the channel, I always say, "Hey, that’s Judas Priest" to which he replies, "Like I’m old enough to give a shit about Judas Priest," which always cracks me up.
  7. Looking at album covers in The Great Escape.
  8. The way Nashville smells in the spring.
  9. The soft spot right above Mrs. Wigglebottom’s nose.
  10. The awesome cheap old plastic red pot I bought to put my Jade plant in.  Ha, I guess I’m just digging red lately.

One thought on “Random Things I Love

  1. You’ll be amused to find out that my nanny-ware believes that you are merely "pretending to be “www.tinycatpants.squarespace.com” and possibly putting my confidential information at risk. So go out and do something more fun with my identity than I’ve managed to do, ok? But don’t answer the phone because it will just confuse my mom.

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