King of the Idiot Haircuts

Once, when the Butcher shaved his head, he was beat up by four black guys outside a movie theater.  One wonders how many skinheads run around in Grateful Dead t-shirts, but one cannot blame folks for taking the opportunity to kick the shit out of an apparent white supremacist.

Now, the Butcher has a mohawk.

A big bushy moustache, a goatee, and a mohawk.

I can’t help but wonder who will jump him this time.

8 thoughts on “King of the Idiot Haircuts

  1. Who ever peed in your Cheerios, it wasn’t me, so back off. If you’re trying to be funny, the humor isn’t translating.And, if you’re not trying to be funny, screw you. I put a roof over our heads and keep our bills paid and make it possible for him to get to work every day. How dare you call me a terrible sister?Do I think he deserves to be beat up because of how he presents himself? Don’t be fucking ridiculous. Of course I don’t. You know me better than that. Would I have liked to see those kids caught and prosecuted? Of course I would have.But, you know, when a person adopts a look that people associate with violent racism, he owes it to himself to consider that some people will read him as a violent racist and react to his presense as a threat.I’m not excusing their actions, but I’m not blaming them for feeling threatened. How much fucking work are people supposed to do to give someone the benefit of the doubt? If you don’t want people mistaking you for a racist skinhead and you’re a young white guy, you might consider not shaving your head.So, go ahead and call me out on my hypocritical "blaming the victim when the victim’s a white guy" stance. I’m not saying that the Butcher deserved to be beat up.

  2. Wow, it’s great to have you on board.Of couse, I’m anxiously awaiting your statement on discrimination and violence against young black men who dress like hip hop thugs.

  3. Oh my god! Until this very second, I had completely overlooked the obvious parallel:–Racist skinheads shave their heads to, in part, send a message about what badasses they are to minorities they like to terrorize.–Young black men who dress like hip hop thugs dress like that to send a message to other young black men about what badasses they are.It *is* exactly the same thing. You caught me. I’ll have to fold up Tiny Cat Pants and go home. </sarcasm>

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