I Found You, Miss New Booty

It’s not a very good song, but I’m totally in love with "Miss New Booty" by Bubba Sparxxx.  It just tickles me.

Also, check out this article.

And not surprisingly, on his contribution to Got Purp, Volume 2, Bubba paid homage to the Claremont Lounge in Atlanta; while it’s never gonna be namechecked to the extent of Magic City and Blue Flame, Claremont has a special charm of its own, if you’re into strippers named Goldie being able to crush beercans with their chests.

That’s where the Wayward Boy Scout took me!

Those Libertarians keep me so cultured.

7 thoughts on “I Found You, Miss New Booty

  1. So, does she crush the beer cans between her tits or under her tits or what? Because, I think, once you get past the novelty, how is that really a trick?I can crush Diet Dr Pepper cans with my tits. I had no idea it was a skill.

  2. God DAMMIT! I finally remembered who had infected me with this fucking song! It’s worked its way into my brain like a titanium screw…two whole days I’ve been bouncing around to this in my head and none of the usual antidotes — like "Safety Dance" or "Daytripper" or "London Calling" — have worked to dislodge it. Help!

  3. Ha, I’m glad I’m not the only one. I swear, that’s the production gift of the Ying Yang Twins. They don’t make good songs. They make songs you just cannot get out of your fucking head.How this translates into sales, I’m not sure. Unless the only cure is listening to another Ying Yang Twins song? They give you the poison for free but you have to pay through the nose for the antidote?

  4. The song just makes me want to dance, when i hear it. They just hating on the song cuz they probably don’t have a booty.

  5. The video is great! I love the church and that look his woman gives him when he pulls up in the driveway. It’s just so cute.

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