Things Aren’t always what they seem

–It turns out that Kleinheider is very cute in that conservative white boy way.

–I thunked the dog on the head this morning.  It didn’t hurt her, just startled her and got her out of the road and away from the other dog–who, of course, was not on a leash–,but I feel bad about it.  Still, I don’t know what you’re supposed to do when you need the dog to listen to you immediately, because, say, of two approaching cars, and the dog is in “I can focus on nothing but the thing that has my whole attention.”  Yanking on her leash doesn’t work.  Calling her name doesn’t work.  But thunking her on the head did.  Still, yuck.

–The best thing about having male readers who lived through the 80s is that I know, eventually, I’ll be able to have a great “Who had the best mullet?” contest.  Right now, the only two I have are the Nashville Knucklehead and the Wayward Boy Scout.  But I’m sure there are other great photos of y’all out there.

–Lindsey kind of gets at my favorite thing about Memphis, that feeling that, when circumstances are just right, truly weird shit can happen.

–Bridgett sent me this quote from Invisible Cities, which is, I believe, my favorite book ever.

Kublai asks Marco, “When you return to the West, will you repeat to your people the same tales you tell me?”

“I speak and speak,” Marco says, “but the listener retains only the words he is expecting. The description of the world to which you lend a benevolent ear is one thing; the description that will go the rounds of the groups of stevedores and gondoliers on the street outside my house the day of my return is another; and yet another, that which I might dictate later in life, if I were taken prisoner by Genoese pirates and put in irons in the same cell with a writer of adventure stories. It is not the voice that commands the story: it is the ear.”

God, I love that book.

–So, I thought I was supposed to be over at the Recovering Baptist’s at three this afternoon.  Turns out, it’s next Sunday.  In celebration, the Butcher is going to try to talk Yellow Brand Hammer Co. into having a cook-out.  How these things are related, I’m not sure, but it made me laugh when the Butcher suggested it.

6 thoughts on “Things Aren’t always what they seem

  1. "It turns out that Kleinheider is very cute in that conservative white boy way."Well, shucks. Thanks, B. I’m not a big fan of posting my picture but it’s part of terrority so there it is. "See" ya Monday!

  2. AS I’VE EXPLAINED TO YOU, it’s easy to mock the fashions of the past, but that mullet got me more ass than a cross-town bus, so I have no regrets.

  3. What can I say? There’s only one thing I like better than listening to you talk about sex and I know bringing up the mullet is a sure-fire way to get you talking about sex.

  4. Damn. That’s a messed up way to connect to your new site. Anyway, I am sure you can peel away the layers of wreckage to find the URL, if you want.

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