The Mint Pooper

Someone in my building at work has shit that smells like mint. 

The only explanation I can come up with is that she must just be chowing down on Altoids all day.

In our other building, we had some rancid pooper whose identity I finally discovered, but my desk had a line of sight right to the women’s bathroom.  Now, I’m in an actual office tucked in an actual suite clear down the hall and around the corner.  If I want to unmask the mint pooper, I’m going to have to make frequent trips to the bathroom.

Bottoms up, Diet Dr Pepper! We have work to do.

10 thoughts on “The Mint Pooper

  1. I’ve smelled mint poopers before! I don’t think they’re well. It’s mint with a hint of sick attached. Sort of like…doesn’t arsenic smell like almonds or something? I think if your poop smells like mint, you should be worried. Maybe you could leave them a message on the back of the stall:Dear mint pooper,I am worried for you. Although your poo is somewhat pleasant to my nose, I fear you may have scurvy or glaucoma. Please go to your doctor. Your concerned potty sharing friend,B.

  2. Plimco, I thought the same thing! Poop is supposed to stink. If your poop doesn’t stink,there must be a problem.Great minds think alike, I suppose.

  3. Mine smells like roses.Sorry I couldn’t resist. Beware, if you ever take an iron supplement, it’s just vile.

  4. Perhaps this co-worker uses mint fragranced breath spray as an air freshener. I do think the Altoids hypothesis is a good one, though. Perhaps, you should leave some cinnamon flavored Altoids for the "mint-pooper" to see if your hypothesis holds true.

  5. Hmm. I hadn’t considered that. One time I was in the bathroom with her (came in after she’d claimed a stall and left before she finished) and I didn’t hear any spraying.Maybe I should eat a whole box of Altoids in one sitting and see if it has a similar effect on me.Still, if it poses no health risk, it’s a nifty trick.

  6. As a health care professional, I am fairly certain eating an entire box of Altoids would not pose a significant health risk. It might upset your gastrointestinal system, but that would just prove or disprove your hypothesis a little sooner. Next time…check her shoes and then take a walk through the office looking for the owner. Case solved.

  7. We share a bathroom with everyone on our floor and there are a lot of different, unrelated offices on our floor. So, I can’t just stroll through looking at peoples’ shoes.I have to catch her in the act.

  8. I guess your only option is to eat Altoids followed by a shot of MOM. You’ll have the answer in no time. Of course, is it really worth it? Just enjoy the fact you have a co-worker that enjoys mint flavored Altoids.

  9. If it helps, I used to work with a crazy lady who ate cinnamon Altoids constantly, and both she and her son said that her poop smelled like cinnamon. Curiously strong, indeed.I wish the lady who was dropping a deuce in our bathroom this morning and was too wussy to bless us number one-ers with a courtesy flush lest we actually know she was in there pinching a loaf had eaten a bunch of Altoids. It was brutal.

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